SDGsのための学校教育のご提案Proposal of school education for SDGs

At schools, the SDGs are mentioned in various places in textbooks in each subject with the revised guidelines. However, at present, schools often face the challenges and concerns that they want to teach children about the SDGs, but they do not have the resources to teach them in detail and do not know how to adopt them.
In that case, please use Shiga Park Hotel. The purpose of the study trip is diverse and is used by many schools and organizations throughout the year.
Based on well-maintained facilities, security in both software and hardware, and flexible and prompt response, we work closely with travel agencies and school officials to prepare carefully and satisfy customers' goals. We support a high learning journey.
In addition, we will propose learning and inquiry programs suitable for SDGs initiatives. Please inflect for school education.

Shiga Park Hotel supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ユネスコエコパークとエコ飯盒炊爨の体験Experience the UNESCO Eco Park and Eco Rice Cooker

Shiga Kogen is a UNESCO-designated UNESCO Ecopark (Biosphere Reserve) area designated by the Man and Biosphere (MAB).
In Japan, in addition to Shiga Kogen, Yakushima, Hakusan, Odaigahara and Omineyama are certified. Learn about sustainable use of nature, maintaining cultural diversity, and developing communities while enjoying trekking and exploring nature.
In addition, we offer cooking kit cooking experience that is useful in the event of a disaster, and a program to harvest, cook and eat mountain wild plants.
Please refer to the following icons for SDGs initiatives.

An eco-friendly rice cooker useful in the event of an earthquake Experience cooking rice with a small amount of firewood, making chopsticks with local Nemagatake bamboo, wrapping wrapped leaves, and using plates.
         Learning contentsEarthquake learningExploration Create and explore leftover materials

A professional guide instructs you to harvest, cook and eat mountain wild plants.
         Learning contents Efficacy and nutritional learning of wild grasses and weeds ExplorationCollect and consider delicious cooking

Walk through the UNESCO Eco Park certified mountains.
If you take a walk with the Shiga Kogen Guide Association, you will find the charm of Shiga Kogen.
       Learning contentUNESCO Ecopark learning ExplorationStudying coexistence with nature

志賀高原の歴史探求Shiga Kogen exploration

Lectures and discussions on the history and current situation at the Shiga Kogen landowners' association 会 A program that allows you to tour the local area and actually help with repairs so that you can learn about the situation of water rights, water and sewage management and the history of Shiga Kogen. Etc. are available.
Please use it together with the guided tour of Nagano Prefectural History Museum and Mori Shogunzuka Kofun.

History of Nagano Prefecture A guided tour of the Nagano Prefectural History Museum and Mori Shogunzuka Kofun.
Learning contents Research on the history of other prefectures and Shinshu (mainly from ancient times to the Middle Ages)
Exploration Ancient people Development, Topographic Climate, Role of Kofun and People

History of Shiga KogenLecture and discussion on the history and current situation at the Shiga Kogen landlords' association Water rights and water and sewage management.
Learning contents A study of the history of other prefectures and Shinshu Exploration Visit the actual water appreciation site and help repair

Agriculture Farmers experience dairy farming.
What to learn Focus on Japanese agriculture and agricultural products
Exploration Agriculture aging and environmental changes, climate And agricultural products, agricultural modernization

Manufacturing Product development experience at Shinshu University Faculty of Education and FabLab Nagano β
Learning content Thinking about new Shinshu products Exploration Produce products, explore consumer sales tools, and sell good products

志賀高原の自然探求Shiga Kogen exploration

There are various nature experience learning so that you can deepen your learning while interacting with the magnificent nature of Shiga Kogen.
Please refer to the following icons for SDGs initiatives.

Nature and people Forest instructor and exotic species wild grass sampling and plant dyeing experience. Focuses on the animals and insects of the Shiga Kogen, and conducts research on the natural environment and seasonal characteristics.
Learning content Studies on the nature of other prefectures and Shinshu
Exploration Site culture and animal habitat and distribution in Shinshu Professor of Shinshu University

Use forests Experience thinning in the forest of Mt. Iizuna and make pencils. Visit a biomass power plant using thinned wood. Forestry experience with Iiyama forest design, felling using chainsaws and saws. Learning contents Mountain researchExploration Forest learning and energy generation research

班別探究スケジュール一覧Investigation schedule list by group

A list of exploration schedules by group. Please use it to schedule your study trip.